. Nutritional pet food customized for your dog or cat
We Take The Guesswork Out of Pet Nutrition

    Nutritional pet food customized for your dog or cat

    Nutritional Pet Food

    Healthy nutritional pet food is so important. I tell my clients all the time that it’s diet, genetics, and luck that will make a difference in your pets life. Well we can’t control the genetics. We can’t control the luck, but the diet is something that you can do. Feed your pet nutritional pet food.

    Vet recommends Paw Tree Dog Food

    Custom pet food concept is brilliant! I mean you cannot have a bag of food and say this is going to be the right food for every pet at every point in their life. My clients are asking us to help them find foods that have a quality meat protein source as the main ingredient in their food and I love the fact that Paw Tree uses unique, novel proteins that are less likely to cause food allergies.


    We have been looking for a food that would really help our dog from having allergy issues and chewing on its feet, and changing the food to Paw Tree, I knew something was different because she was not biting at her paws so it was very evident to me that it was working.

    You want to feed as naturally as possible. Paw Tree would be what you would do if you knew what your pet needed and had the time to cook. We take great pride in the quality of ingredients that we put in our pet food. All of our pet food is all-natural. We don’t use any poultry by-products. We really take pride in the quality of our ingredients.

    Nutritional Pet Food

    This kind of checks the box on that she’s being taken care of and I know that what I’m giving her is good for her.

    As a holistic veterinarian, what I find is that Paw Tree foods are a great way to nourish your pet to make a happy vibrant healthy pet and that makes me feel good. That makes you feel good.

    No pets nutritional needs are the same and hunting for foods in the grocery store can be confusing and very frustrating for pet owners.

    With Paw Tree, you can go online, enter the specific information about your pets health. Once the profile is complete, then we make the recommendation on a customized nutrition plan specifically for your pet. We do that drawing on the knowledge of our veterinarian panel as well as our PhD in animal science and pet nutrition and then provide the recommendation that’s right for the unique needs of your pet.

    I do know that my dog is getting the best quality dog food and ingredients. I feel really good that I was giving her something healthy that was gonna benefit her as well.

    Pet parents also get to name their pet food after their pet and put their pets photo on the bag of food. It was cute when we were able to name our dog food. So with children, it incorporates the whole family it was a cute process and we didn’t come up with anything that creative but when it does come in the mail, they get really excited.

    Proper nutrition in dog food is one of the biggest gifts, the best gift that we can give our pets is good health and the better health they have the more time we have to be with them.



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